Patrick Mahony

Patrick Mahony is a freelance developer living in Manchester,

United Kingdom. Patrick is mainly specialized in Web development, both, front and backend.

Patrick Mahony loves playing with new technology and he’s an advanced PHP developer with many years of hands-on experience.

If you are looking for a freelance web & mobile developer who loves what he does, Patrick Mahony is your guy.

This website was not created to showcase his work. Rather, it is a place where Patrick shares his thoughts and writes about what’s hot in the tech scene. So even if you aren’t into IT, don’t worry. The things discussed here will enchant your inner child and make you wonder what technological marvels the world will bring about.

And because the best path to a great experience is through sharing, don’t hesitate to submit a story if you feel it has its place among the other amazing gadgets presented here.

Patrick Mahony is always open for new opportunities, so feel dree to contact him if you have interesting projects that need an extra pair of IT hands.